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Buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are many steps involved in finding the perfect home, securing the property, and ensuring that you pay the right. As your REALTORS, we will become your biggest asset on this journey.

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We can help you search through the houses on the market, but you can narrow the search by considering the following:


How much have you saved for a down payment? Have you looked into using an RRSP as part of your down payment? What can you actually afford? Have you done some preliminary research with various banks?


Make a list of your needs and wants. Do you need multiple bathrooms, a garage, a fenced backyard, or low utility bills? Do you want a fireplace, a short commute, or minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, review it and decide what is most important to your lifestyle. Decide which items are “musts” and which you are willing to compromise on.


Deciding where you want to live may be the single most important factor in choosing a home. Location affects your day-to-day living and is one of the most significant influences on value. Your choice of location may be limited somewhat by the price you can afford. Even so, make sure you consider such things as distance to work, schools, shopping and entertainment as well as proposed changes to land use such as commercial shopping centers and new roads etc.


A single-family detached home is attractive to many people because it typically provides more living space and land area than other types of living units. Typically the detached structure permits you greater freedom (less restrictions) on remodeling, expanding, painting, and altering the appearances of the structure. On the other hand, a condominium may be a more appropriate choice for you, with an emphasis on maintenance-free living.


Consider size and style. You may already have a contemporary home in mind with a sun deck or maybe you prefer a two-storey Victorian-style with a cozy study. Perhaps you won’t know what you want or like until you see it. Whatever the case, we will listen to your preferences and help you find a home that fits well with your needs and wants.

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